Mike & Andrea

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello, we are Mike and Andrea. We are fun, loving, compassionate people who love living life to the fullest. We have been together for almost 17 years and after many years of trying to conceive and infertility treatments we felt called to pursue adoption. Our hearts have always wanted to grow our family.

We admire your courage to consider adoption. We hope as you explore our profile it helps you learn about us as you consider what is best for you. Please know that you are covered in prayer with love and support, by two strangers who would feel blessed to meet you.

We live in a three bedroom home in a diverse neighborhood with loving, supporting, and friendly neighbors. We have an amazing seven-year-old dog, Steelie. He has the coolest personality and is very friendly, loving, and is very comfortable around children of all ages. He already loves laying in front of the crib in our nursery, which we have been putting together for our little one to occupy. Our home has front and back porches and a large fenced in backyard screaming for a swing set or sandbox or both!

Life has taught us that the most important things in life aren’t possessions or even accomplishments--but people, family, loving others, and living our faith. Our philosophy of parenting starts with loving any child unconditionally. We will give him or her a firm foundation of security and nurturing. We have spent countless hours talking about details on how we plan to raise a child. We get excited about the many things we will teach them, the values we will instill, and the adventures we will share. We will involve our child in all aspects of our life, inspire creativity, spirituality, and encourage dreams for their future. We will show our child, how working hard helps achieve goals and having a sense of humor helps, when things get tough.

Family is so important to us. Our extended families are quite large and incredibly close. We all live within a three-and-a-half hour drive of one another. Your child will know the value of family and will grow up surrounded with cousins to play with, loving grandparents, and amazing aunts and uncles. Through various gatherings: Steeler games, Easter, July 4th celebration, Thanksgiving, Christmas, we have so many traditions we cannot wait to share with our little one. Our family has been praying for all of us (including you), as we navigate adoption.

Mike and Andrea


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