Lisa & Marc

Dear Birth Parent:

There are no words to sufficiently express the gratitude we feel. We are humbled that you have chosen to learn more about us and consider us as adoptive parents for your precious baby. We know this decision has been a very difficult one to make. A mother’s love for her child is instant upon learning of the new blessing growing inside her. The love you feel for your baby is evident in giving an abundance of thought and consideration of the life and future you hope they will have. As exemplified by our parents as they raised us, we have seen all our lives that a parent always puts their child above everything and everyone else, including themselves and their own feelings. We admire you for the courage and unconditional love you have already shown for your baby by carefully researching and investing time and great thought in considering an adoption plan to assure they have the life you hope and envision for them.
We pray you feel loved and supported in your decision and that you know how very grateful we are that you have chosen life for this amazing gift from God. So many families would not be complete without adoption. Many families would not know the blessing of a child without selfless mothers like you who choose life. Please know you are an amazing person and an amazing mother. We have such admiration for you, and we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us.

With Love,
Lisa & Marc