Kris & Sarah

Thank you so much for taking a moment to learn more about our family! We are so honored that you are considering us as a possible family for your precious child, and we have so much respect and admiration for you and the difficult decision that you are making.

We have one 3 year old son, Luke- a sweet, silly, truck-obsessed boy, who tells us every day that he’s so excited to become a big brother! Kris works full time in the banking industry, and Sarah just recently left her job as a preschool teacher to make the commitment to being a full time stay-at-home mom.

Even before having our son, we both very strongly felt God’s call for us to adopt, and knew that it was something that we would one day do. After discussing it with family and friends from our church that have adopted themselves, we decided that we were finally ready to do it. And now, we are so thrilled to be in that process!

If you choose our family, your little one will be loved and cared for in every possible way- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And we have countless nearby relatives, friends, and neighbors that are just as excited and eager as us to have another little one join our family.

Whether you choose us or not, please know that we are praying for both you and your child as you are on this journey. And thank you again for considering us!

-Kris, Sarah, and Luke