Kendall & Quinn

Dear Birth Parents,

Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us through Our Story. We are so excited to expand our family and are eagerly waiting for the opportunity! We adopted a baby girl in June 2016 and have been so blessed with her presence in our lives. We decided to add to our family to share our love with another child as well as to give our daughter a sibling to share her life with.

We are an outgoing couple who loves being outdoors and have spread this love to our daughter. We also love spending time with family any opportunity that we have. On holidays, especially Christmas, we have several fun traditions that our families have carried out through the years. It's been an awesome experiencing watching our daughter experience these traditions, and we look forward sharing these traditions with another child. Some other activities that we love to do are spending time with pets, gardening, and doing acts of kindness for others whether it be family or through volunteer work in our community. We can't wait to share our love and all of these experiences with another child. Our relationship is built on love and trust, and we are each other's best friends. We have good Christian values that we base our lives on, and we feel this is why our marriage is strong.

Making an adoption plan is no easy task, and we want you to know that we respect you for doing this. Please know that if you chose us to be parents to your child, we will love the child with all of our hearts. We will provide the child with a safe home with many opportunities to learn and play. Not only will we welcome the child with open arms, but so will our family as they are very supportive of us. Our dream is to create special memories as our family grows. We can't wait for these dreams to finally be reality!

Kendall and Quinn