Aubrey & Mekayla

Dear Birth Parent,

We admire and respect your strength, courage, and love as you consider adoption for your child. We are honored that you would take the time to get to know us better and to consider us as the parents for your child.

From our first date in 2013, we knew we were meant for each other. We have grown together and have become a strong team over the last four years of marriage. We rely on communication and each other’s strength when the challenges of life occur. We also have an extended support group through both of our families and are able to have open, honest conversations with about them anything we may face.

We both work in the healthcare field. Aubrey is a Qualified Mental Health Professional and works with children diagnosed with autism. He has been in this position since 2014 and has worked in the mental health field for many years. Aubrey is a wonderful, kind, and fun-loving man. He enjoys many different activities including football, Star Wars, video games, reading, and listening to music. Mekayla is a Licensed Practical Nurse and currently works at a local primary care clinic. She has been a nurse for five years and works with patients of all ages. Mekayla is caring, kind, and loving. She enjoys reading, listening to music, playing the piano, going to the movies, and spending time with family.

​We promise to love your child forever. There will always be plenty of hugs, kisses, bed time stories, and memories. We will always show your child how much we love them and will make sure he or she knows of your unselfish act of love. Your baby will be celebrated by not only us but also by our entire extended family. This celebration reflects the great joy in our hearts as we grow our family.

We hope that you have gotten to know us a little better. We’re thinking of you as you make the decision on who will parent your child, and we are confident that you will find the right family for your baby.

Warmest wishes and love,

Aubrey & Mekayla