Adam & Kateri

Dear Birthparent,

We admire and respect your strength, courage, and love as you consider adoption for your child. We are honored that you would take the time to get to know us better and to consider us as the parents for your child.

Every day, we celebrate the long path that it took for us to find each other. Once we finally went on a date, we knew we were meant to spend a lifetime together. Similarly, we've been on a long road to starting our family. We've been married since 2014, building a life to share with our family, and hopefully, you'll see in us the right family to raise your child.

We are both educators – Kateri is a PreK teacher and Adam is a high school counselor. We joyfully spend each day learning with four-year-olds and teenagers. We love children and their unique personalities and interests as small people growing, learning, and becoming themselves. Kateri enjoys music, baking, theater, running, reading, and exploring life. She is loving, gracious, patient, kind, and full of joy and knowledge. Adam loves to play soccer, take photographs, cheer for JMU football, and draw. He is playful and plans adventures. He is a listener, smart, steadfast, and loving.

We are part of a fun, caring, and diverse community of friends and relatives. We love to travel, cheer at sporting events, cookout, explore nature, and laugh together. We’ve started and continued many traditions, including making themed dinners (our favorites are Mexican, Indian, and make-your-own-pizzas), coordinating Halloween costumes, competing in family Easter egg hunts, beach trips, snow day parties, running a family race each year, and game nights. We hope you can see all of the love, laughter, and adventure we have to share with your child. We are excited to begin.

As parents, we promise to:

- cherish your child for who they are,
- create a family where your child can become who they are meant to be,
- share all that we are and all that we have with your child,
- inspire kindness, joy, generosity, curiosity, and love,
- hug, dance, sing, play, discover, read, talk, and laugh with your child, and
- love and support your child for a lifetime.

We understand you're making an incredibly complicated and difficult choice. Thank you for considering making us a part of your child's family. And thank you for considering becoming part of our family.


Kateri and Adam


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