Adam & Cynthia

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We know you’re probably reading a lot of these, and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little about us. We wish you a full heart and peaceful mind as you are guided in your decision for your child.

We first met after being set up on a blind date. Neither of us had ever been on a blind date before, but nearly fourteen years later we think it was a success. We quickly bonded over our similar struggles - Adam’s mother had passed away from cancer a year and a half prior, and Cynthia’s mother was in treatment for cancer at the time. Our conversations about faith, courage, and family convinced us we were meant for each other.

Cynthia loves learning new things, especially through books and travel. Growing up with financial insecurity in a small town, Cynthia often daydreamed about life in the places she read about. During her junior year, Cynthia was able to study abroad in Athens, Greece, a big step for someone who had never been off the east coast! Cynthia works as a meeting planner and in the past planned medical meetings in obscure places like Rwanda, Tanzania, and Guatemala. She now works for a financial association whose meetings are usually a little closer to home.

Adam has a mild, indiscriminate, often embarrassingly bad, addiction to television. Fortunately, when he’s not watching TV, you can probably find him enjoying the great outdoors with our dog, Maggie. He also enjoys working around the house, building furniture, and going fishing. In his twenties, Adam lived and did humanitarian work in Latin America and is fluent in Spanish. Currently, he works at a state university where he manages special events spaces and a huge team of student workers.

In 2018, we were blessed to spend six months as foster parents to a beautiful baby boy who had been born two months premature. Baby "N" was a total crash course in parenting and returning him to his family was the most heart wrenching experience of our lives, as we had come to love him so dearly. For us, this experience left no doubt that our hearts and home are ready for a permanent addition through adoption.

Our experience as foster parents taught us the value of a good relationship with a child’s birth family. We want you to be as involved in your child’s life as you’d like, at whatever level is comfortable to you. We believe in open adoptions, full of trust and respect for the birth family.

We’d love to meet you and discover your hopes for your child as we plan a path forward, together. Please know that no matter what you choose, we wish you and your child the absolute best.

Respectfully yours,
Adam and Cynthia