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We understand the importance of positive mental health and provide counseling for adults, children, couples, and families. Whether through individual counseling or group counseling, our trained counselors assist with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger management, domestic violence, marital problems, adolescent self-esteem and self-harm, and trauma. 


Counseling sessions are conducted in a safe, private, comfortable, and supportive environment. 

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Counseling Services



Ryan Arey has provided counseling services at CCC since 2007. He holds both a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Ryan provides individual and family counseling for children, adolescents, and adults. Ryan also has significant experience working with foster and adoptive families, and LGBTQ youth and adults. Ryan is an adoption-competent therapist and a certified trainer for the Center for Adoption Support and Education’s Training for Adoption Competency Program. Additionally, Ryan facilitates groups for CCC's Healthy Relationship Program, working with men who have used violence in their interpersonal relationships. He currently sits on the Virginia Batterer Intervention Program Certification Board, which certifies Batterer Intervention Programs throughout Virginia. In addition to his clinical practice, Ryan has taught as an adjunct instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Social Work and serves as a field instructor for Master level social work interns. 

Clinical Supervisor, Individual Counselor, Group Facilitator 

Ryan Arey, LCSW



Betsy Hudson is committed to helping clients find their way back to their true, authentic selves and reaching their greatest potential. This involves eliminating shame and healing from past traumas. Betsy believes in honoring the mind-body connection, caring for and re-parenting our inner child, and viewing our relationships as vehicles for growth and healing. She uses a blend of treatment modalities and theoretical orientations, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), play/art therapy, attachment theory, psychodynamic theory, and Imago theory. She aims to maintain a trauma-informed practice and believes in the inherent worth and value in all human beings.

Individual Counselor and Group Facilitator

Betsy Hudson, MSW


Mehr’s clinical and therapeutic practice is well-rounded and encompasses multiple theoretical perspectives. She especially enjoys working with children and teens as well as couples to work through relationship hurdles. Mehr has trained in attachment work, play therapy, motivational interviewing, couples counseling, and continues to utilize art techniques to help clients heal. She is also a trained Batterer Intervention Provider and facilitates the Healthy Relationship program and Anger Management groups. In her spare time, Mehr spends time with her husband and two sons, and enjoys relaxing with yoga and art as a way of alleviating stress.

Clinical Supervisor, Individual Counselor, Group Facilitator

Mehr Niazi, LCSW


Lucy Norton practices from a perspective that is grounded in the theory of attachment, and supported by current research on development and trauma. This means that she loves to work with people who are interested in improving their relationships with partners, family members, or themselves. In keeping with current research on mental health, she enjoys helping clients to engage in mindfulness work, as well as facilitating healing through body work and movement. She has experience working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship distress, interpersonal violence, parenting challenges, and other mental health concerns. Lucy believes that it is an honor and a privilege to walk with her clients in their journeys, and has deep respect for the courage that it takes to come to counseling.

Individual Counselor, Group Facilitator

Lucy Norton, 


Opal Ritchie's practice focuses on helping families and individual clients, from children to adults, in a holistic manner. She is passionate about, and experienced in, guiding clients in managing and reducing anger, anxiety and sadness, and in enhancing their relationships. She also counsels individuals who have experienced intimate partner violence from a place that is trauma-informed, to facilitate healing from distress and past traumas. She uses a combination of play therapy, motivational interviewing, attachment work and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As a therapist, she is certain that everyone has the capacity to grow, heal, and move forward. In her spare time, she spends time with her spouse and two sons and enjoys reading thick mysteries.

Individual Counselor, Group Facilitator

Opal Ritchie, MSW  


Hermas Vanessa Rodriguez Perez has been a counselor for over 20 years and throughout her career she has learned that her clients are the experts while she is the guide on their journey to healing. In her practice, she brings a nonjudgmental focus and a personalized treatment strategy to meet the needs of each unique individual. Her holistic approach incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, spirituality and other trauma focused disciplines to help clients deal with depression, anxiety, cultural adjustment/cultural shock and trauma. She works with individual adults and couples and facilitates Batterer Intervention and Anger Management groups. As a native Spanish speaker, her focus is on the Hispanic/Latino community. In her spare time, she loves to dance with her husband and spend time with her children and grandchildren.

Individual Counselor, Group Facilitator, Bilingual Counselor

Hermas Vanessa Rodriguez Perez


Aaron Zatcoff joined Commonwealth Catholic Charities in 2002, working as a group facilitator for what is now known as the Healthy Relationship Program, which teaches participants how to handle conflict, prevent escalation and aggression, and build strong, happy relationships. This grew to also include groups in Louisa and Orange, VA. Aaron now leads six groups each week.

Aaron earned his B.A. in English and M.Ed. in counseling from the University of Virginia, and he has worked in varied human service fields to include the aging population, the disabled, and injured workers. He has worked with seniors with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program; in vocational rehabilitation in a sheltered workshop environment as well as in private rehab with injured workers.

Since 1982, Aaron has volunteered for WTJU-FM 91.1 as a jazz disc jockey for public radio. Aaron has an adult son and lives in eastern Albemarle County with his wife.

Counselor, Group Facilitator, Case Manager

Aaron Zatcoff


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