Youth Counseling

Counseling Services

We understand the importance of positive mental health and provide counseling for adults, children, couples, and families. Whether through individual counseling or group counseling, our trained counselors assist with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger management, domestic violence, marital problems, adolescent self-esteem and self-harm, and trauma. 


Counseling sessions are conducted in a safe, private, comfortable, and supportive environment. 

Groups and Classes

Anger Management Group

CCC's Anger Management Group is a 12-week group where participants gain skills to express and manage feelings of anger in healthy ways. We offer day or evening Anger Management groups at the low cost of $20 per class, with a one-time $60 intake assessment fee. 

Healthy Relationships Group

This 24-week program teaches new ways of dealing with relationship conflicts. Participants learn ways to handle conflicts and identify feelings, attitudes, and behaviors to prevent escalation and aggression, experience better communication, more control over behaviors, and stronger relationships. 

Classes are $20 each, with a one-time $60 intake assessment fee.

CCC's Healthy Relationship program is certified by the Virginia State Batterer's Intervention Program.

John School - Breaking the Solicitation Cycle 

John School - Breaking the Solicitation Cycle is a one day class that teaches the impact of  soliciting  and prostitution. CCC counselors facilitate the class with Victim Witness, Henrico Health Department, and the legal system. Class participants learn behavior modification techniques to use in place of solicitation.

Shoplifting Prevention Class 

Shoplifting Prevention is a one day class that addresses the feelings and thoughts that go with shoplifting. Participants will evaluate their choices and the consequences of those choices, and learn to understand the impact that shoplifting has on their lives, their family, and their community.   

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Individual & Family 

Adult Counseling 

In individual counseling sessions, our experienced professional counselors meet privately to confidentially discuss life difficulties and help resolve mental health issue like depression, anxiety, emotional pain, or stress. Using therapeutic techniques our clinicians provide a safe space to facilitate change and healing. 

Child and Adolescent Counseling 

Working with a counselor can be effective when a child begins to isolate themselves, have trouble expressing their feelings, or exhibit negative behaviors towards themselves or others. CCC's child-centered play therapy rooms in Richmond are a supportive place where children can express their feelings and thoughts through play while engaging with their counselor.

Couples Counseling 

The stresses of life can strain a relationship and cause hurt feelings and problems communicating. Our experienced counselors can help navigate these issues and repair and rebuild relationships. Even those on the brink of separation or divorce can benefit from the support and clarity of couples counseling.

Parent-Child Counseling

Parent-child relationships can be challenging. No matter what the situation, CCC's professional counselors can help to improve the parent-child relationship. Our experienced and skilled counselors will identify the issues and develop clear specific goals to get the relationship back on track. 

Church & School Counseling

Counselors can lead individual or group sessions at our office or at churches and schools to meet the needs of parishioners, staff, students, and parents. Sliding fees are available. 


Meet our Counselors


Kim L. Carter, LPC

Counselor and Group Facilitator


Kim L. Carter has been helping adults, children, and families through a variety of capacities in the mental health field for over thirty years. She has a passion to see people successfully work through life’s challenges and pain. Some areas that she specializes in are: grief and loss issues, as felt with adoption, foster-care, infertility, death, dying and divorce; anxiety problems, as experienced by fear of death/dying, interacting socially, unexplained panic and constant worry; matters of depression, as occurring after traumatic events, broken relationships, life transitions, aging, or child birth; relationship issues encountered in marriage, parenting, blended families, grandparent(s) raising grandchildren, and starting over after divorce; problematic behaviors as seen in children and teens, such as; lying, cutting, hoarding food, defiance, anger and rebellion.


Kim is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia, with a Master’s Degree of Education in Mental Health Counseling; a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services Counseling with a minor in psychology; and an Associate’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Social Services. 


Tonya Farmer, MSW

Counselor, Group Facilitator

Newport News

Tonya is a MSW honors graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BSW graduate from Christopher Newport University. Currently, Tonya is a Supervisee of SW awaiting her LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Work certification. Tonya provides therapy to individuals, families, and groups to include intensive-in home, mental health skill building, pregnancy counseling, and psychosocial assessment. Tonya has been assisting individuals with mental health for over ten years. Tonya has been practicing social work for over ten years. She has assisted men, woman, and children from many nationalities, creeds, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ethnicities. Tonya provides support to persons who experience trauma, ADHD, Depression, Bipolar, Gender Dysphoria symptoms and other mental health concerns. Tonya has a passion for spiritual connections through positive mental health.

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Denise Hill King, LPC

Counselor and Group Facilitator


Denise Hill King is a native Spanish speaker with extensive experience working with Hispanic/Latino adults, children, and families. Denise is passionate about advocating for mental health resources for the Latino community. She believes that making the first step is the most difficult but the most rewarding. She enjoys exploring an individual's full potential with a goal-oriented mindset because sometimes we struggle to recognize the effects of our big emotions. Denise works collaboratively to ensure feelings of safety, validation and provide ongoing support.


Cinnamon Langley, MSW

Counselor and Group Facilitator


Cinnamon Langley is passionate about giving clients a safe, non-judgmental space to grow and heal. Cinnamon specializes in working with individuals that have experienced traumatic events throughout their lives and works from an understanding that everyone is the expert of their own experiences. Cinnamon’s practice utilizes a variety of approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic theory, and mindfulness-based activities. As a clinician, Cinnamon aims to help you identify and achieve your goals. In her spare time, Cinnamon enjoys spending time with her animals, and caring for her many plants.

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Tia Lukanova, MSW

Individual Counselor and Group Facilitator


Tia Lukanova has over ten years of social work experience. She believes that counseling is a collaborative process that enables individuals to gain perspective on their emotions, core beliefs, relationships, and behaviors. Tia provides a client-centered, non-judgmental, and empathetic presence and believes that everyone deserves and is able to heal from past trauma. Her practice is based in a strengths-based perspective that assists individuals as they face life's challenges through a combination of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapies. Tia received a bachelor's degree in Psychology from San Diego State University and holds two master's degrees—one in Human Behavior from National University and one in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Desiree Molina.jpg

Desiree Molina, MSW, ICAP-II

Bilingual Counselor and Group Facilitator 


Desiree Molina is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master's degree in clinical psychology. Additionally, she completed the VCU Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program in 2007 and is an International Certified Addiction Professional II  (ICAP-II).


In her career which spans 35 years, Desiree has worked to provide help and support to a wide variety of individuals  with mental health and drug abuse disorders.

Being an immigrant gives her a unique perspective and combined with the ability to speak Spanish, her goal is to provide a multi-cultural supportive service to those who are unable to communicate their feelings in English. She is always committed to a continual professional development to give the best guidance to clients facing tough choices and situations. With a natural easy-going style, she finds on motivational enhancement therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, alongside compassion, and acceptance, the foundation for building an effective approach to support her clients.


Aaron Zatcoff, M.Ed., CRP

Counselor, Group Facilitator, Case Manager


Aaron Zatcoff joined Commonwealth Catholic Charities in 2002, working as a group facilitator for what is now known as the Healthy Relationship Program, which teaches participants how to handle conflict, prevent escalation and aggression, and build strong, happy relationships. This grew to also include groups in Louisa and Orange, VA. Aaron now leads six groups each week.

Aaron earned his B.A. in English and M.Ed. in counseling from the University of Virginia, and he has worked in varied human service fields to include the aging population, the disabled, and injured workers. He has worked with seniors with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program; in vocational rehabilitation in a sheltered workshop environment as well as in private rehab with injured workers.


Since 1982, Aaron has volunteered for WTJU-FM 91.1 as a jazz disc jockey for public radio. Aaron has an adult son and lives in eastern Albemarle County with his wife.