Counseling Services

We provide counseling for adults, children, couples and families. Our services cover a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger management,  domestic violence, marital problems, adolescent self-esteem and self-harm, and attachment issues in family relationships.


Counseling sessions are conducted in a safe, private, comfortable, and supportive environment. 

Anger Management Group

Learn to respond more appropriately through positive communication, conflict resolution, and anger reduction techniques while exploring personal anger triggers. Classes meet one hour per week for 12 weeks. Classes are $20 each. Assessments are required prior to enrollment.

Healthy Relationships Group

This 24 week program teaches the harmful consequences of abusive actions. It teaches ways to handle conflicts and identify feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. Abuse victims may also contact the group facilitator to ask questions, report abuse, or discuss the program. All calls are confidential. 

Classes are $20 each. An assessment must be completed before enrollment. Assessments are $60.

John School - Breaking the Solicitation Cycle 

Solicitation impacts the offender, their family, the victim, and the community in a multitude of ways. CCC's John School - Breaking the Solicitation Cycle class teaches about these consequences and ways to accept accountability and develop a plan to change behaviors. The class is facilitated with the help of the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, Henrico Health Department, and Victim Witness. Classes are $300 and meet from 8:30am - 5:00pm. Before enrolling, an assessment must be completed with a counselor. Assessments are $60 and are scheduled by appointment only.

Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling

CCC provides professional, confidential mental health counseling to individuals, children, couples, and families who are experiencing emotional difficulties. Licensed therapists counsel individuals and families who need help coping with stress, marriage problems, anxiety, and depression. We serve many vulnerable and underserved individuals, and are often the voice for children experiencing post-traumatic stress.

CCC provides different payment options and accept most major insurances so people in need may receive professional, compassionate guidance. Counseling in Spanish is available. 

Play Therapy

Our child-centered play therapy rooms in Richmond are a comforting environment where children can express their feelings through the simple act of play.  

School Social Work

Our School Social Work program provides counseling to students and their families when facing problems that affect the academic and personal potential of a student.

We coordinate services and strategies with students, parents, and school faculty to improve the social, emotional, and behavioral functioning of students and host in-service activities and professional workshops to foster school success.

Our services are customized to fit the needs and available resources of the school.  

Substance Abuse Groups

CCC offers substance use groups to help individuals recover and maintain sobriety. The 35-week course is designed for people in different stages of recovery. The group helps participants explore their attitudes and behaviors, focus on problem solving and  acquire tools to prevent relapse.


A screening must be completed before group enrollment. Participants should call to inquire about costs and potential insurance benefits.   

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