Collin & Meghan

Dear friend, 


We are grateful for the opportunity to share our life with you. Whether or not we are the family for your child, we hope that you are filled with the peace of knowing how much we admire your strength, courage, and selflessness. These are qualities that we are striving for in our own lives.  


Collin works in business and is known for his laid-back, warm, and gentle personality that makes it so easy to be around him.  When he is not throwing a frisbee with our dog, you may find him reading a sci-fi book or preparing an intricate, new recipe. 


Meghan is an elementary school teacher with a great love of children. If she is not in the middle of a DIY project, then it is likely that she is covered in dirt from playing around in her vegetable and flower gardens.  


While we have some individual hobbies, we both value and cherish our quality time together as a family. Some of our family favorites are family dinners, evening walks with our dog, spending time with friends, growing in our faith, hiking, and traveling.


We look forward to building a family filled with many laughs, exciting adventures, lots of learning, big dreams, and great love!    




Collin and Meghan

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