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A Century of Service

In 1923 CCC, then known as the Bureau of Catholic Charities, was founded, growing out of a need for the coordination and consolidation of the efforts of various charitable Catholic organizations in the Richmond area. Through incorporation, it became possible to serve even more individuals and families by developing and implementing professional standards and coordinated efforts to reduce confusion and duplication of efforts.

Now, 100 years later, CCC carries on that legacy of innovation and professionalism throughout much of the Commonwealth of Virginia—reaching from far southwest Virginia through central Virginia and into the eastern shore. Today, CCC impacts the lives of over 34,000 men, women, and children each year through over 30 unique programs and services.

The History of CCC

Vintage black and white photo of Richmond

1880s -1922

By the 1800s, the Diocese of Richmond had many outreach ministries, especially to the growing immigrant community. This tradition of concern for others was reflected in the good works of the St. Vincent DePaul Society which existed at many parishes in Richmond and beyond. Following a national trend after the first convening of the National Conference of Catholic Charities to consolidate Catholic Charitable efforts, the many St. Vincent DePaul Societies in the Richmond area came together to form the Bureau of Catholic Charities in 1922.  The purpose of Catholic Charities was to develop and implement professional standards for Catholic social work, coordinate efforts of various parish-based efforts to reduce duplication and seek philanthropic support from communities served. 

Centennial Club Donors

Tineka Archer

Elaine Brockman

Nannette Cain

Sarah Louise Clendenen

Patricia Collins

Emily Corcoran

Eric & Gayle Danielsen

Meghan Depue

Joan Dudley

Arlie & Nancy Garrabrant

Virginia Glynn

John & Elizabeth Goodwin

Fred & Ellen Gortler

Dane Honrado

Wayne Kelly

David & Lisa Linnell

Michael McNeely

Ruth Ann Muller

William Parkhurst

Timothy Powers

Andrew & Molly Rich

John & Lisa Ripp

John & Margaret Roberson

Ernesto & Savon Sampson

Mark Shrader

William & Joann Spence

Raymond & Christine Sweeney

Carl Williams

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