CCC offers a variety of assessments to help clients achieve positive mental health. 

Group Placement

In the first session of receiving a call for client to attend one of our groups, the first sessions is an initial assessment for clients to determine if Anger Management, John School or Healthy Relationships Group is recommended.  The group placement assessment evaluates the situation the client is needing for group. The therapist gathers information necessary to recommend the client attend the group that best fits the needs of the client and make further recommendations if other needs present. 

Mental Health Assessment

For individuals in need of a mental health assessment but can’t afford one, our licensed clinicians can provide a full mental health assessment and report with recommendations, for a sliding scale fee to the client. The evaluation includes history, diagnoses, treatment issues, and recommendations. The evaluation can be completed in two client visits, with one additional clinician report writing session without the client present. 

Substance Abuse Assessment

At CCC, we offer a Substance Abuse Assessment which can be done in one visit.  There are questions to answer on the computer (takes about one hour) followed by an interview with a counselor.  The counselor will provide feedback and recommendations and when requested a written report. The cost of the Substance Abuse Assessment is $60.