Despite the current economic climate, 90% of refugee families have at least one wage earner and can begin paying their bills within 4 months of arrival.


“Until I heard the stories from the refugees I teach, Bhutan was just a faraway place on a map. Not any longer. To say volunteering has been an eye opening experience is an understatement. More accurately, it has been a life changing experience.” 
- Terri Simon, CCC Refugee Resettlement, Volunteer

Our Refugee Resettlement program welcomes the stranger, empowering those escaping persecution to begin new lives with dignity through early self-sufficiency. For 35 years, our program has partnered with the community to assist refugees as they integrate into our country. Refugees are forced to flee their countries based on a well-founded fear of persecution on the basis of race, religion, membership in a social group, political opinion or national origin. They come to the U.S. with very few belongings, often unprepared linguistically, culturally, and economically for their new life. There are 14 million refugees around the world today. The Department of State contracts with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and other human services agencies to resettle 80,000 refugees a year. CCC strives to help these newcomers as they transition into our society, while also fostering a community climate of acceptance for persons of different cultures.



Want to learn more about refugees and their experiences?


Click here to download a great list of books and films about refugees and U.S. resettlement. This was developed by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement's Project SOAR (Strengthening Organizations Assisting Refugees).

PDFSOAR Books Films About Refugees and Resettlement (pdf file)


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Watch this inspiring story about Luma Mufleh and the refugee children she began coaching, among other things, in a suburb of Atlanta. Ms. Mufleh is the founder of Fugees Family, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to working with child survivors of war. She and her soccer team, 'The Fugees' are also the subject of Outcasts United, a book by New York Times reporter Warren St. John. This real life story is one of resilience, creating community, and the power of one person to make a difference.

Hire a Refugee!

Learn how hiring a refugee can strengthen your business, simplify your recruitment and increase your retention.




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