We help you find a great employee, while helping a refugee find a great job!


With new arrivals coming in regularly, CCC has the ability to fill job openings quickly. Please contact our employment specialists today to find out about our current employment candidates.

Let us help you find the next great hire for your business. Our staff serves as a liaison between refugee employees and employers by providing comprehensive screening, training, and follow-up services.


Why hire a refugee?

Refugees are work authorized.

Our refugee clients are fully authorized and documented to work in the United States by the Department of Homeland Security.


Refugees have exceptional work ethics.

Having lost their homes, belongings, and careers, refugees are strongly motivated to work hard and do well.


Refugees have a variety of skills and experience.

Refugees come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our pre-screened candidates qualify for professional, skilled, and entry-level positions.


Hiring a refugee helps them help themselves.

Hiring refugees puts them on the road to self-sufficiency, strengthening their families and our community.


Your business could qualify for tax benefits.

Your business could qualify for certain tax credits when hiring those receiving public assistance.


Support services are free to you.

At no cost, we provide a variety of services to ease your hiring process, as well as follow-up and support services to reduce turnover in your workforce.


Let us help you strengthen your business, simplify your recruitment, and increase your retention. Our employment specialists provide screening, placement, and support services at no cost, including:


We can fill your job openings with qualified people quickly and easily. Please contact our employment specialists today to find the right candidate for you.


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